Nexus (noun)

  1. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things
  2. A central or focal point

The National Exploration Undercover School (NExUS) is a collaboration of universities, government and industry partners to deliver a truly world-class national program of training.

Students at undergraduate or postgraduate level from any university across Australia and recent industry and government employees in the sector can apply to be part of the three-week program.

Our intention is to have a group of 30 enthusiastic and engaged participants who’ll make a difference into the future!

Below are some of the reasons why you should apply.

Stand out from the crowd

Students are invited to apply from Third-Year BSc, Honours and coursework Masters. Recent industry and government survey professionals are also most welcome.

The onus is on prospective participants to demonstrate their passion for mineral exploration and a desire for a career in the industry; youwill need to write an application on selected criteria and provide two references. The program aims to be competitive and prestigious.

Only 30 places are available. Find out if you are eligible to apply.

Connect with industry

As part of the course, participants will meet and work with mineral exploration leaders from industry, government and research institutions.

You get to learn from the best in the classroom, and work side-by-side with them on their exploration and mining sites.

Strengthen your skills

With three or more years of university under your belt, and perhaps experience in industry and government,the intensive NExUS program will enable you to consolidate your skills. Immerse yourself in the mineral exploration world by living and breathing it for three weeks. Find out what you will do each week.

Experience multiple presenters from industry, government research providers, university and professional geoscience organisations.


Costs are covered

All participants will be fully covered for their trip (all airfares, accommodation and almost all meals and transfers!)

Find out more about attending the course.

It's perfect timing

The course runs in late November to mid December, after the completion of Honours and Third Year exams. So it won’t interfere with your studies!